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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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let's check in now with chief meteorologist terry swails. it looks like our winter weatheheis still a ways off f and won't impact caucus goers but city workers are already out getting the roads ready. we spoke with cedar rapids streets department manager mike duffy who saysyscreews have already been out puting down salt brine on major roads bridges and intersections to help keep ice from sticking to the pavement.once the snow starts to fall duffy saysyst especially important to give plows room to do their jobs efffectivly and safley. "we just ask that people give the operators plenty of room to do their job. and then just be are that conditions can change very quickly, and so even if it's raining that rain quickly become ice or even snow."
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road to caucus this evening be >> if you're heading out to caucus, check online and find your correct caucus locacaon. cbs s news, livevet 5:00. >> joe, thank you. now, let's go to terry. the timing of the storm -- looks like it's going to work out really well. >> really across the entire state. most of the heavier precipitation will not develop until after midnight tonight so we have a few more hours here to watch the clouds move in from the so southwest. here's'swhere the storm is centered, just getting ready to eject out of northwestern texas and the moisture pulled in the system with rain and snow to the west and southwewe of us. and so we've got want iter storm warning out in part of the area later on tonight. we do expect the worst of the conditions, though, not to really develop until very late tonight or early tomorrow
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snow will happen in the southeast. it could quickly change to rain before it switches to snow spend later in the day on wednesday. one thing we will have tomorrow morning, in particular, gusty wind. they could reach up to 35 miles per hour out of the east so where the snow does fall, lilily going to be some blowing and drifting in the northwest so you can watch the storm here as it starts to lift northeast and by the time we get to late tonight, you can see it's still down here in kanans, then continuing to move northward and at 7:00 a.m., there's the snow moving into eastern iowa, low tracks north. it starts getting more warm air injected spitetealso a dry slide here, so later tomorrow afternoon, the precipitation except in the far north and west where it will continue into t torrow evening and u'll watch a transition from snow to rain in southeastern iowa during the morning hours tomorrow. so in terms of accumulation, i think this is about where the 1 inch line should be.
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of duh buick, and waterloo and prairie du chien, 6 to 8 inches of snow in far northern and northwestern counties and some of that will blow around by strong winds. this breaks it down nicely but the snow is lighter in the southeast and obviously a lolo heavier the further north and west you go. we still got seven or eight more hours before anything gets going. >> thank you, terry. today's new quinn nip lack poll shows donald trump leaving senator ted excuse but not by much and sanders is leading by three points. will the you caucuses deliver?
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>> do you know where your caucus is? >> yeah. >> reporter: caucus day in iowa and winners announced in just hours so extreme times call for extreme measures. >> we drove 1,000 miles on monday to be here. >> reporter: he's one of a reported 800 ted cruz volunteers here. they said the biggege ground gamemen iowa history. if you believe the poll, even that hasn't been enough to top trump. while the small town and rural voters are most often profiled herereit could be e a different digital media staff that is on hand so i think they're really reaching out to the millenialsa&"> -> gina jo-kim- sen works to make sure fellow co-eds caucusa&and says candidates' social media strategies, are doing the e rest. > -> (gina@534) me: "do you think it works? gina: i absolutely think it works, i follow marco rubio on snapchat, i follow all the presidential candidates on facebook and twitter so if i see it and share it i knonoall friends are going t tget it too"> -> so in these final hours, it's about firing up those first time voters (bernie), fighting against all odds (omalley), and trying to
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said earlier we'd *presumably* ow winners by the end of e night- for the first time, precinct captains will have smart phone apps to input results to avoid a repeat of last cycle, when e to missing votete the official winner wasn't technically declared until 16 days later.> in des moines, iowa, i'm scott thuman tonight -- one of the biggest caucus locations in the state is in cedar rapids.the double locations in the state is in cedar rapids. the doubletree hotel downtown is hosting 30 different republican caucus locations. cbs 2 news political reporter kevin berry is live and will track reports all night long. hi, kevin. [ cheer in the background ]
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[ no audio ] to johnsononcounty where dora miller is standing by at city high in iowa city. that's right, kevin. tonight we're caucusing with the dedecrats hhe at city high...
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you to caucus -- the cafeteria and the auditorium. it's pretty interesting though, this is the first time they haven't had both the democrats and republican caucus here -- one of the republicans sites is at west high. as we look inside the cafeteria. it's pretty quiet now, but not for long. we've been told to reiterate that if this is your polling place, come early. most people will start arriving in the next hour or so. and we'll be here as they do. stay with cbs 2 for updates on tonight's caucus. the main point we can make -- get here on time. thank you dora - and kevingng and be sure to stst with cbs 2 and fox 28 all night on air and online! we're here - we're
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and online at cbs 2 iowa dot com. we'll bring you the newest cccus numbers as they come in - and we'll give you detailed analysis of the results analysis of the results >> >> we're going to bring you analysis of the results and what they mean for the 2016 race for the white house. alsosomake news today, the zika virus is officially a global health emergency. the world health organization held an emergency meeting today where health experts report on the growing spread, a mosquito- borne virus linked to birth america. the world health organization says a coordinated international effort is now needed. there have been confirmed cases in 23 countries. here at home, terry has been tracking a winter storm
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terry, how close is it? what are we looking at? >> oh, we're probably not talking to see much until past midnight tonight. >> okay. >> we have a few more hours to go and is good news for caucuc plans in eastern iowa but tomorrow, snow, rain, sleet, all that mess moving in to eastern iowa. some places will car repapas, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000
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on a republican party credit card. rubio'o'bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgdgnt. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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>> welcome back to live at 5:00. i'm back in the weather center now. weather, he sides the caucus, is the big story, and iowan want to knkn what will happen, especially as the storm tracks north. >> yeah. >> it gets worse as it goes. >> it's a very complicated system. seems like eastern iowa brings that out in these storms so depends on where you are our viewing area. >> right. >> as to how bad you will be. >> and what you will get. >> and how long and wind -- a lot of factors tied up in that. we'll get to that in just a second but moisture pushing into eastern iowa causing some
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spots during the evening hours tonight. the temperature right now at 32 degrees here in cedar rapids and here's what is going on. we have our storm over the western united states tonight and the storm track now is wrapping around that and that's pulling warm, moist air from the gulf of mexico so, again, the moisture is s leading totoour clouds and the fog. eventually, this low pressure will track right up over eastern iowa and that's what is going to bring the inclement weather conditions later tonight into tomorrow. already we're starting to see light preparation into missouri and southwestern iowa and no snow reported and we'll intensity over the next 24 hours as we move northeast. as far as the timing go, precipitation will not 2001 till late tonight after the evening hourses and d will be around an occasional basis through wednesday morning. but it's going to be our north and western counties. they get the heaviest snow out
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southeast, you may start out as snow eventually change over to rain tomorrow afternoon as the storm comes over eastern iowa. we should see strong wind. nose will arrive late tonight and tomorrow morning, could be some gusts up to 30 or 35 miles per hour. so the storm tonight is in the texas panhandle moving northward and again -- oh, tomorrow morning, come up out of missouri and in the afrnoon, there it is heheing into southeastern iowa. so notice the precipitation, which was snow earlier in the day, is changing over to rain and, actually, ending in the south as drier air comes in behind the low. it will come north and west of the low pressure where the heavier snow is expected and that's going to be in our northern and western counties and then on out into western iowa. so here's our snowfall forecast, and way down in the southeast, maybe only an ch or so before it changes over to rain. the 2-inch line pretty close to cedar rapids, maybe a little south of duh buick, and right
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inch line should be from waterloo to prairie du chien. local spots could see 8-inches where the problems will be and some plowing and drifting snow. it's updating about every three hours. it's only showing 1.3-inch of snow in cedar rapids but you go a little northwest, there's waterloo with 6.4 4 and around charles city and decorah, 8 inches. northern counties, then, under the winter storm warning. there's a strip right in here that includudcedar rapids, monticello, amimosa where we have winter weather advisory and nothing for southeastern iowa. very little in the way of winter precipitation is expected. you can see the returns starting to show up. it's not really reaching the ground yet and showing up as rain but eventually later tonight, this will light up
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move across the area tomorrow morning. our predictor shows at midnight, a little wave of snow through the area but that's very, very light and is towards morning it picks up. you can see the mess in southeastern iowa. in the afternoon, noticing the snow changing to rain in the southern half of the viewing area, smiling across the north and northwest but even there should come to an end tomorrow afternoon as the whole storm movers northeast and get out of our hair here by early wednesday. so our forecast tonight has tempmpatures steady, upper 20s to low xxxs from northwest to southeast. tomorrow, we ve snow or rain $% and snow mix changing to all rain. temperatures gettingngbove freezing and our extended forecast here, coming up for tomorrow, does have temperatures reaching all the way up to near 38 to 40 and your extended outlook is showing this - -temperatures around 35 to 37 for the weekend. once we get this thing out of
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dramatically late this week and upcoming weekend. if you wonder how we track winter storms, what oes into a forecast, melanie has been doing a little research on that. has a nice little piece to see what is going on behind the scenes. [ no audio ] day.00:58:00 to see it unfold the way you expect it to over a seven or eight day period is pretty rewarding.that's what makes teorology a 24/7 job. job.00:27:17 we're only, you know, 24 hours out and it's still changing a lot so this is one of those hard to nail down storms, right now. that's why it takes a team of four people.our weather team...chief meteorologist terry swails...justin rebecca kopelman have been talking about the incomimg winter storm since last week. week.00:35:18 we come together and we learn from each other, last week. >> we learn from each other, feed off each other.
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there were the tete is constantly updating, the cbs weather first app, forecasting more than 20 radio stations, running seven different monitoring. >> the one in front of me is the maininon-air computer. >> reporter: gathering information from different models and figures out what it means for eastern iowa. >> not every single location gets the staple weather so we need to be clear and concise about it and accurate. >> reporter: once viewers hear what is happening, the road warrior show what is happening. >> stand by. >> the combination of experience and nowledge of eastern iowa creates the perfect storm. >> it's our job to make sure people are safe and we want to tell the most comprehensive
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[ no audio ] >> thank you melanie. very neat perspective. where will you be sunday? if you're like millions of women in america, you'll -- -- not just a man's sport any more. and here's a look at the cedar rapids doubletree hotel where 30 caucus precincts
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much more news ahead when "liviv the denver broncos and the carolina panthers are in san the denver bronco and carolina panthers are in san francisco and the bay ea's super bowl attractions are up and running.
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for the game, including lots of football-hungry females terri okida found out women account for 45% of viewership and that number is growing every year. >> reporter: now that the teams are in town, fans are ready for some foototll. super bowl 50 festivities, including the popular nfl experience, kicked off this weekend in the bay area. these two arrived from l.a. just for this event. they're die-hard, gridiron girls. >> we watch a lot of games together. >> yeah, we'll be in the kitchen and there's football everywhere on three tvs that we have in our house. >> reporter: that's just what the nfl wants to hear. women account for as much as 45% of football viewership, the sport's fastest demographic with immense buying power. think jerseys, caps, tickets, and more. >> all game, all day. we're there for it. every time.
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have launched beers clubs exclusively for women. kathy hughes attends every 49ers home game with her sister hood of faithful followers. >> female fans are just as papaionate about football as man are. >> reporter: how do you think that? >> it's a different era and >> reporter: hughes volunteered on a project to bowl. (natsd) as more women huddle up to the game, footballll longtime bromance with the guys may be over. teri okita, for cbs news, san francisco. with the guys may be over. cbs news, san francisco. >ou go girls! and now here's a live look outside broadcast park, sort of
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terry will have your vantage point. send these to facebook. we love to see your photos. i think we'll be good and we'll have precipitation for the morning. here's how the snowfall will be -- 1 inch in southern county, 2- inch from cedar pids towards dubuque. in northern county, 8 inches
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a model shows the delineation. around decora a and charlrl city, we h he the 7 or 8-inch totalses but the numbers, not as high. they have updated and did go all little bit in cedar rapids. >> they did. an inch more. to three.
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thank yo the first votes. >> if you're in bed, if you're sick, if you can't walk, if the don't care. >> i hope you will fight for me.e. >> stand for us. >> let's go get 'em. >> pelley: it's caucus night in iowa.
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